Introducing the Team Behind
ATH Custom Metal Fabrication

At ATH Custom Metal Fabrication, we are proud of our team of highly skilled professionals, each bringing unique expertise and passion to the field of Metal Fabrication. Our team’s dedication to Precision Engineering, Custom Metal Work, and Industrial Welding Services is the driving force behind our success in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

Avi Nachmias, President | Phone: 416.743.0969 Ext.201

Kedar Nachmias, Operations Manager | Phone: 416.743.0969 Ext.208

Priyanka Patel, Accounting Manager + Human Resources | Phone: 416.743.0969 Ext.202

Abe Bendahan, Account Manager | Phone: 416.743.0969 Ext.203

Prasath Sivapalan, Senior Project Manager/Estimator | Phone: 416.743.0969 Ext.210

Gerard David, Business Developer | Phone: 416.743.0969 Ext.222

Sumeet Singh, Jr. Project Manager | Phone: 416.743.0969 Ext.206

Karin Kronenblut, Marketing & Purchasing | Phone: 416.743.0969 Ext.219

Van Tran, Engineer | Phone: 416.743.0969 Ext.205

Nikita Palagnyuk, Engineer | Phone: 416.743.0969 Ext.209

Mohammad Peykanu, Estimator | Phone: 416.743.0969 Ext.214

Terry Sultana, Shop Forman | Phone: 416.743.0969

Sina Ranjbar, Estimator | Phone: 416.743.0969 Ext.212

Mithulan Sivapalan, Estimator | Phone: 416.743.0969 Ext.221

Jorge Aguirre, Production Coordination Manager | Phone: 416.743.0969

Interested in joining our team?

Our Gratitude and an Invitation...

We extend our gratitude to each team member for their dedication and invite job seekers interested in a Metal Fabrication career to discover how we can contribute to your success. Connect with ATH Custom Metal Fabrication at 416-743-0969 or email to learn more about opportunities to grow and succeed with us in the metal fabrication industry. 

"ATH employees collaborating near a Bystronic press brake machine in a metal workshop"