Frequently Asked Questions

What products does ATH Custom Metal Fabrication specialize in?

ATH Custom Metal Fabrication is renowned for its specialization in a diverse range of metal products, designed to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Our expertise spans across steel joists, custom food grade machinery, architectural metal fabrication, infrastructure components, and custom industrial machinery, ensuring precision and quality in every project. Learn more about our specific services.

How does ATH Custom Metal Fabrication contribute to commercial construction projects?

We are pivotal in providing steel joists for commercial construction projects, offering strong, reliable support essential for building and structural integrity. Our joists are a testament to our commitment to structural integrity and safety. Discover our construction solutions.

What measures does ATH Custom Metal Fabrication take for food safety in food grade machinery?

In the food processing sector, we prioritize sanitary design in fabricating custom food grade machinery and equipment. Our approach emphasizes contamination prevention and food safety, with services extending from component fabrication to comprehensive maintenance and installations. Explore our food processing solutions.

Can ATH Custom Metal Fabrication handle architectural projects?

Yes, our architectural metal fabrication services deliver high-quality finishes combined with strong structural performance. We collaborate with designers and engineers to transform commercial and residential architectural concepts into reality. View our architectural projects.

What infrastructure projects can ATH Custom Metal Fabrication undertake?

Our fabrication capabilities include creating metal components for infrastructural development, such as handrails, turnstiles, and machine enclosures, using materials like stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum. Learn about our infrastructure capabilities.

Does ATH Custom Metal Fabrication offer custom solutions for industrial machinery?

Reflecting advancements in steel fabrication, we provide custom solutions for industrial machinery, capable of cutting, bending, rolling, shaping, and finishing steel components for any application, from heavy machinery to electronic systems. Discover our industrial machinery services.

Is ATH certified to handle specific industry standards for metal fabrication?

Yes, ATH Custom Metal Fabrication adheres to strict industry standards and holds certifications that underscore our commitment to quality and excellence in metal fabrication. Our certifications include: CWB and AWS. We continuously update our certifications and training to stay in compliance with the latest industry regulations and standards, ensuring that we deliver products and services that meet or exceed our clients' expectations.

How does ATH approach complex custom fabrication projects with unique requirements?

ATH tackles complex custom fabrication projects with a systematic approach that begins with thorough planning and consultation. Our team of skilled engineers and fabricators works closely with clients to understand their unique needs and specifications.